May 14 2022
Now it is possible to obtain addon dolls by doing daily tasks. For more information, check our wiki page: how to get addons
May 13 2022
New version of client released for upcoming updates. If you use OTClient just restart to update. If you use classic client you need to download the latest version on the website.
May 04 2022
Double experience activated! We updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it in-game using the commands !events and !chest
May 03 2022
An old quest has been reactivated with new rewards; Snake of Death Quest. / Now players with 500 resets+ can access utopia island using boats
May 01 2022
New system: when you kill someone in pvp you will receive the cranium of your victim. This skull will contain the death information, this item can be used as decoration. You will also get a pvp token, it will be used for a quest that will come soon
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Experience Bonus

There are ways to get more experience by defeating monsters in the game;
these ways involve VIP's and potions of experience.

The table below shows the percentage of extra experience you can achieve by using each type of item.
You can also consume the items together which increases the total bonus of experience.

You can use the command !rates to check your character's experience rate.

Exp Potion

Basic VIP

Master VIP

All together

Experience bonus
Experience bonus
Experience bonus
Experience bonus
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