Tibia Canob

Guild: Liquidation Crew

Liq·ui·da·tion = The killing of someone, typically by violent means. Peaceful, English speaking guild. Feel Free to Msg us if you have questions! Discord https://discord.gg/7XmqpB3

Rank: Name: Status:
Sergeant-at-ArmsMazikeen (Hells Pally) Offline
Men of MayhemLokey (Canob King) Offline
Men of MayhemRaider Red Offline
Men of MayhemRamsey (Hells Knight) Offline
Men of MayhemSanela Nohti (Career ender) Offline
Men of MayhemTaren (HoistTheColours) Offline
NomandAdss (Big Boy) Offline
NomandAdsss Offline
NomandBalthazor Offline
NomandBandokay Offline
NomandBruv Offline
NomandCaric Laye Offline
NomandDankydeeps Offline
NomandDankyness Offline
NomandDavey Jones (I Am Taren) Offline
NomandDiet Pop Offline
NomandDirac Offline
NomandDoc Holliday (I Am Taren) Offline
NomandDon Podmenik (Shaggysgone) Offline
NomandDramora Offline
NomandDutchavelli Offline
NomandEdward Teach (I Am Taren) Offline
NomandEinstein Offline
NomandEldery Offline
NomandFlokey Offline
NomandGaebolg Offline
NomandGeek Daniel Offline
NomandHaidilao Offline
NomandHeadache (Guild Eraser) Offline
NomandKimochii Offline
NomandLatrommi Offline
NomandMadmaxwell Offline
NomandMagodeozz Offline
NomandMazacuata Offline
NomandMegalodon Offline
NomandMigraine Offline
NomandModier Offline
NomandMoeseph Offline
NomandMrmazacuata Offline
NomandNekon Offline
NomandNewtonian Offline
NomandNirdur Offline
NomandPkmaster Offline
NomandRiatoncito Offline
NomandRiatonsote Offline
NomandRiptide Offline
NomandRoyaly Offline
NomandRudrin Offline
NomandSaybatpoh Offline
NomandSmallbutt Offline
NomandThebalthazor Offline
NomandTrollen Offline
NomandTurbotax Offline
NomandVchunkyhe Offline
NomandVorne Offline
NomandXuzoni Offline
NomandZeryn Offline
NomandZuxoni Offline

Invited characters

Lord Aizen Reset 2675
Holy Weyder Reset 2371
Mazikeen Reset 2365
Sanela Nohti Reset 2353
Nitrotech Reset 2240
Shookz Reset 2150
Luszca Reset 2148
No Sleep Reset 2084
Taren Reset 2059
Master Chef Reset 2037