Aug 05 2022
New System Available: Hard Royale. Complete information about it on our Wiki page. Save the date! Launching Saturday 16:00 (GMT-3)!!
Aug 04 2022
Voting for House Decor Contest is open! Who should win the contest? Votes on Polls page. Check the candidates on Forum category 4
Aug 03 2022
Double experience activated! We updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it in-game using the commands !events and !chest
Aug 02 2022
Another big achievement. Canob has reached the number of a total 100.000 characters created!
Jul 30 2022
Participate in our House Decoration Contest! Awards and Info on Forum category 4

Guild: Los Espadas


Rank: Name: Status:
CaptainAizen_Sosuke Online
TenenteBrahzuka Offline
TenenteLord Knull (All Black the Necrosword) Online
TenenteSaoirse Offline
OficialAnna Wintour Offline
OficialApartheid Offline
OficialBreaking bad (Problematico) Offline
OficialBrof Offline
OficialBullock Offline
OficialDesgovernado Online
OficialDjair Canob Offline
OficialFlecha News Online
OficialGudazin Online
OficialGui Mcz Online
OficialJuan Rambo (Lord Patrick) Offline
OficialKeikun Offline
OficialKlango Offline
OficialKomikuarodo Offline
OficialLeh Bruxinha Offline
OficialMolchat Doma Offline
OficialMtxiilef Online
OficialRed John Offline
OficialShookiz Offline
OficialSir Morfeu Offline
OficialSr Morgana Offline
OficialSr Patrickk (I Lord Patrick) Offline
OficialTheoozinhoo Offline
OficialTomas Mester (Pao de Homem) Online
OficialWonderweiss Offline

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