Tibia Canob

Guild: Tier One Operators

English speaking - Very active. Please join the discord channel so that we can keep in touch. We have walk-throughs/guides for new players in the Discord. We help in every way that we possibly can!

Rank: Name: Status:
GeneralSweeney (Supreme Leader) Offline
CaptainDefingra (Hammer) Offline
CaptainOneshot (Joker) Offline
CaptainSugarism (The Media) Offline
OfficerBarrett Offline
OfficerBernardo Offline
OfficerBruceleeroy Offline
OfficerByron Offline
OfficerChains Offline
OfficerCovenant Offline
OfficerDrip Offline
OfficerElectricidad Offline
OfficerFedingra (Sickle) Offline
OfficerFufurufu Offline
OfficerJuice Offline
OfficerKoizi Offline
OfficerKrazny Offline
OfficerLeiriel Offline
OfficerLil Fella Offline
OfficerMike Oxmall Offline
OfficerNotitalona Offline
OfficerRandom Pally Offline
OfficerRapture Offline
OfficerShronkey Offline
OfficerSisterfister Offline
OfficerTrials Offline

Invited characters

New Player
Mazikeen Reset 1740
Lokey Reset 1431
Dankydeeps Reset 1418
Flokey Reset 1357
Dankyness Reset 1251
Sanela Nohti Reset 1239
Vchunkyhe Reset 1088
Kollists Reset 997
Luedecke Reset 984
Brof Reset 969