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Hardcore Character

Hardcore is a type of character that has different characteristics from the normal character.
This type of character is recommended for experienced or non-bot players.
We do not recommend playing with hardcore as your main character!

Positive characteristics:
4x more experience than the normal character.
Exclusive hardcore outfit.
Access to Carnage boss.
Exclusive highscore.

Negative characteristics:
Death to the hardcore character is fatal,
In case of death the character will return to level 1,
with 1 reset, with 1 of health and mana.

This death penalty is applied in all cases except for death in arena.
Can't access non-pvp and private spots.
Don't have pvp protection before reset 5.

How to become a hardcore?

You need to talk to the npc "Diehard" located in the Carlin depot, and have the following requirements:
1. You can't have any reset.
2. You can't have more than 5000 of health and mana.