Tibia Canob
07 September 2021  Active event: Triple gain of online tokens (3x) until September 14th.
24 September 2020  Mobile OTClient for android users is available on download page.
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IP Address: tibiacanob.com | Port: 7171 | Client: Canob 8.60
Welcome to our newest player: Bob Nellso
07 January 2016 by GOD Canob -

Tibia Canob is online since january 2016 without server reset. 
We are the best custom high exp server of Tibia that you will play.

Mazikeen Reset 2365
Sanela Nohti Reset 2353
Lord Aizen Reset 2336
Holy Weyder Reset 2134
Hugottbr Reset 2080
Taren Reset 2059
Luszca Reset 2057
Flokey Reset 2024
Shookz Reset 2001
Nitrotech Reset 1907