Tibia Canob
Downloads Tibia Canob
Option 1 - Classic Client

Canob Client .ZIP

Client features: custom sprites, multi-client and direct access to Canob

23 MB
Option 2 - OTClient

OTClient Canob .ZIP

Client features: Bot included, new interface and all features of classic client

Note: if you have problem to open the otclient you need install "vc_redist.x86" it's in game folder

46 MB

The bot program we recommend if you use classic client

1 MB
Lokey Resets: 1288
Mazikeen Resets: 1217
Flokey Resets: 1128
Kollists Resets: 997
Gigabyte Resets: 943
Tyferius Resets: 862
Asznee Resets: 847
Ramsey Resets: 792
Dillix Resets: 762
Acheuz Resets: 740