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Feb 15 2024
Now you can extract the refinements used in your T1, T2, T3 weapon. Go to the NPC "Berhead the Bearded" in the underground part of Venore, he will receive your weapon and will extract the refinements, returning 70% of your refinements. Now you will no longer receive artifacts and resources but the refinement already done! All this at no cost and without minimum refinement requirements.
Feb 14 2024
We have enhanced the experience awarded by all monsters, with a special focus on those encountered from reset 1 to reset 1000. This improvement is designed to smooth out progression within this range and eliminate gaps. Preventing players from being stuck battling a single monster for extended periods. Enjoy!
Feb 11 2024
The new Bravos update introduces the city of Bravos with more than 4 new quests, mounts, outfits, and scrolls, among other mysteries. Necessary to restart the client to receive the updates, 32bit mobile client need to download it again
Feb 07 2024
Global loot of experience elixirs activated! All monsters will drop them. The event is active until Tuesday 13th.
Jan 22 2024
Now, the effect of the green herb lasts exactly 24 hours and will not be lost if we make a global save. You can use the !stats command to see the green herb remaining time if it is active.
Most Creature Kills
To see your own statistics of monsters killed use the command !mstats in game.

Creature Name
Most Creature Kills Ranking
Rank 1: Lioh (Amount of Frankenstein killed: 6734945)
Rank 2: Sorcerervip (Amount of Frankenstein killed: 5963499)
Rank 3: Broly Tres (Amount of Frankenstein killed: 5759019)
Rank 4: Sorcererfre (Amount of Frankenstein killed: 4961766)
Rank 5: Satanas (Amount of Frankenstein killed: 4816420)
Rank 1: Hoodrat (Amount of Dracula killed: 2162931)
Rank 2: Carbide (Amount of Dracula killed: 1836921)
Rank 3: Persephone (Amount of Dracula killed: 1734230)
Rank 4: Hisil (Amount of Dracula killed: 1425929)
Rank 5: Lufychannn (Amount of Dracula killed: 1277910)
Rank 1: Lanki Blanki (Amount of Smaug killed: 3794271)
Rank 2: Ranza (Amount of Smaug killed: 3476748)
Rank 3: Kotaro (Amount of Smaug killed: 3429399)
Rank 4: Diosa (Amount of Smaug killed: 3160741)
Rank 5: Katoraqw (Amount of Smaug killed: 2991992)
Black Annis
Rank 1: Catire (Amount of Black Annis killed: 5514844)
Rank 2: Antraxion (Amount of Black Annis killed: 5108146)
Rank 3: Rabid Bunny (Amount of Black Annis killed: 4958340)
Rank 4: Enikia (Amount of Black Annis killed: 4455383)
Rank 5: Ivyrasua (Amount of Black Annis killed: 4376291)
King Sek
Rank 1: Erique (Amount of King Sek killed: 3940365)
Rank 2: Culooter (Amount of King Sek killed: 3938808)
Rank 3: Cudebode (Amount of King Sek killed: 3935881)
Rank 4: Broly Dos (Amount of King Sek killed: 3869930)
Rank 5: Cudeapito (Amount of King Sek killed: 3605193)
Frost Smaug
Rank 1: Thanos Brabo (Amount of Frost Smaug killed: 223519)
Rank 2: Gathering (Amount of Frost Smaug killed: 122233)
Rank 3: Skull_makera (Amount of Frost Smaug killed: 110136)
Rank 4: Skull_maker (Amount of Frost Smaug killed: 97698)
Rank 5: Chucholoco (Amount of Frost Smaug killed: 92338)
Rank 1: Retorno (Amount of Camazotz killed: 733030)
Rank 2: Hinataks (Amount of Camazotz killed: 398518)
Rank 3: Blue (Amount of Camazotz killed: 339332)
Rank 4: Lil Durk (Amount of Camazotz killed: 319215)
Rank 5: Pally Da (Amount of Camazotz killed: 308439)
Lizard Spirit
Rank 1: Czarny Kojot (Amount of Lizard Spirit killed: 1109390)
Rank 2: Diabelski (Amount of Lizard Spirit killed: 887660)
Rank 3: Hell Avenger (Amount of Lizard Spirit killed: 409690)
Rank 4: Wez Ssij (Amount of Lizard Spirit killed: 394100)
Rank 5: Yussito (Amount of Lizard Spirit killed: 343320)
Dark Tortoise
Rank 1: Dankyrange (Amount of Dark Tortoise killed: 324310)
Rank 2: Cunts (Amount of Dark Tortoise killed: 226830)
Rank 3: Skew Raven (Amount of Dark Tortoise killed: 225947)
Rank 4: Riibeirol (Amount of Dark Tortoise killed: 220188)
Rank 5: Ragnar Luci (Amount of Dark Tortoise killed: 163035)
Rank 1: Rezit (Amount of Diablo killed: 865413)
Rank 2: Dankyness (Amount of Diablo killed: 791805)
Rank 3: Fuu Hoho (Amount of Diablo killed: 698293)
Rank 4: Fifoseven (Amount of Diablo killed: 660424)
Rank 5: Jack Erius (Amount of Diablo killed: 600198)
Marsh Raider
Rank 1: Million (Amount of Marsh Raider killed: 678526)
Rank 2: Rosumad (Amount of Marsh Raider killed: 497096)
Rank 3: Matt Mage (Amount of Marsh Raider killed: 494459)
Rank 4: Rosudam (Amount of Marsh Raider killed: 447176)
Rank 5: Rosuadm (Amount of Marsh Raider killed: 398610)
Rank 1: Asznee (Amount of Abaddon killed: 2211032)
Rank 2: Acheuz (Amount of Abaddon killed: 1173183)
Rank 3: Whitegandalf (Amount of Abaddon killed: 671898)
Rank 4: Lord Ace (Amount of Abaddon killed: 475807)
Rank 5: Nortin Sorc (Amount of Abaddon killed: 440743)
Night King
Rank 1: Acheuz (Amount of Night King killed: 163615)
Rank 2: Vixon (Amount of Night King killed: 143053)
Rank 3: Whatsgoin On (Amount of Night King killed: 114644)
Rank 4: Vegeta (Amount of Night King killed: 94907)
Rank 5: Scump (Amount of Night King killed: 93287)
Rank 1: Cumstain (Amount of Surtur killed: 360191)
Rank 2: Don Julio (Amount of Surtur killed: 358458)
Rank 3: Whitegandalf (Amount of Surtur killed: 349657)
Rank 4: Ryko (Amount of Surtur killed: 327810)
Rank 5: Million (Amount of Surtur killed: 319347)
Chaotic Golem
Rank 1: Gringo Druid (Amount of Chaotic Golem killed: 1647755)
Rank 2: Takenichy (Amount of Chaotic Golem killed: 1468999)
Rank 3: Faakill (Amount of Chaotic Golem killed: 1405116)
Rank 4: Kollists (Amount of Chaotic Golem killed: 1382619)
Rank 5: Lupus Regina (Amount of Chaotic Golem killed: 1310261)
Rank 1: Seymor (Amount of Fenrir killed: 854224)
Rank 2: Skill Killer (Amount of Fenrir killed: 731976)
Rank 3: Whitesaruman (Amount of Fenrir killed: 641620)
Rank 4: Alanna (Amount of Fenrir killed: 476464)
Rank 5: Sephiros (Amount of Fenrir killed: 405621)
Corrupted Djinn
Rank 1: Asznee (Amount of Corrupted Djinn killed: 1738299)
Rank 2: Apolo (Amount of Corrupted Djinn killed: 1094112)
Rank 3: Lord Jeff (Amount of Corrupted Djinn killed: 1087465)
Rank 4: Acheuz (Amount of Corrupted Djinn killed: 1068707)
Rank 5: Icefrogj (Amount of Corrupted Djinn killed: 1007728)
Rank 1: Million (Amount of Basilisk killed: 202462)
Rank 2: Mr Magezito (Amount of Basilisk killed: 118853)
Rank 3: Thepanda (Amount of Basilisk killed: 99458)
Rank 4: Porthos (Amount of Basilisk killed: 96893)
Rank 5: Xarax (Amount of Basilisk killed: 71267)
Holy Doom
Rank 1: Kollists (Amount of Holy Doom killed: 584966)
Rank 2: Constateen (Amount of Holy Doom killed: 503956)
Rank 3: Gigabyte (Amount of Holy Doom killed: 486961)
Rank 4: Chuchux (Amount of Holy Doom killed: 463976)
Rank 5: Dillix (Amount of Holy Doom killed: 257813)
Moon Dragon
Rank 1: Katoraqw (Amount of Moon Dragon killed: 2133423)
Rank 2: Ranza (Amount of Moon Dragon killed: 1588998)
Rank 3: Kotaro (Amount of Moon Dragon killed: 1555156)
Rank 4: Darck Slayer (Amount of Moon Dragon killed: 526143)
Rank 5: Valentina_m (Amount of Moon Dragon killed: 462251)
Rank 1: Scoob Doo (Amount of Bakunawa killed: 396467)
Rank 2: Sr Morgana (Amount of Bakunawa killed: 361736)
Rank 3: Rosuadm (Amount of Bakunawa killed: 200839)
Rank 4: Rp Escanor (Amount of Bakunawa killed: 171510)
Rank 5: Enrico (Amount of Bakunawa killed: 145827)
Rank 1: Lord Jeff (Amount of Cadaver killed: 1040856)
Rank 2: Lambo (Amount of Cadaver killed: 852564)
Rank 3: Chup Chup (Amount of Cadaver killed: 592304)
Rank 4: Arcbeetle (Amount of Cadaver killed: 563380)
Rank 5: Lokey (Amount of Cadaver killed: 471593)
Straw Freak
Rank 1: Dankyness (Amount of Straw Freak killed: 668516)
Rank 2: Adictin (Amount of Straw Freak killed: 517296)
Rank 3: Takenichy (Amount of Straw Freak killed: 446149)
Rank 4: Fuu Hoho (Amount of Straw Freak killed: 370156)
Rank 5: Arcbeetle (Amount of Straw Freak killed: 349031)
Rank 1: Arcbeetle (Amount of Salazar killed: 677553)
Rank 2: Lokey (Amount of Salazar killed: 632711)
Rank 3: Fuu Hoho (Amount of Salazar killed: 425637)
Rank 4: Lambo (Amount of Salazar killed: 373913)
Rank 5: Quiver (Amount of Salazar killed: 364979)
Rank 1: Fuu Hoho (Amount of Baphomet killed: 425795)
Rank 2: Rezit (Amount of Baphomet killed: 423113)
Rank 3: Lord Jeff (Amount of Baphomet killed: 292965)
Rank 4: Jack Erius (Amount of Baphomet killed: 275626)
Rank 5: Rp Escanor (Amount of Baphomet killed: 275044)
Rank 1: Arcbeetle (Amount of Rakshasa killed: 786581)
Rank 2: Lord Jeff (Amount of Rakshasa killed: 510008)
Rank 3: Icefrogj (Amount of Rakshasa killed: 436062)
Rank 4: Apolo (Amount of Rakshasa killed: 373239)
Rank 5: Nortin Sorc (Amount of Rakshasa killed: 340723)
Rank 1: Xdrack (Amount of Redbone killed: 499044)
Rank 2: Faakill (Amount of Redbone killed: 489268)
Rank 3: Gringo Druid (Amount of Redbone killed: 454999)
Rank 4: Dankydeeps (Amount of Redbone killed: 446000)
Rank 5: Dankyness (Amount of Redbone killed: 442475)
Rank 1: Arcbeetle (Amount of Colossus killed: 1091076)
Rank 2: Sanela Nohti (Amount of Colossus killed: 1040041)
Rank 3: Takenichy (Amount of Colossus killed: 674480)
Rank 4: Lord Jeff (Amount of Colossus killed: 669054)
Rank 5: Lord Knull (Amount of Colossus killed: 446417)
Rank 1: Aldebaran (Amount of Acromantula killed: 1489914)
Rank 2: Touch Me (Amount of Acromantula killed: 1245202)
Rank 3: Quiver (Amount of Acromantula killed: 1110436)
Rank 4: Lord Jeff (Amount of Acromantula killed: 936580)
Rank 5: Notorious (Amount of Acromantula killed: 777530)
Rank 1: Lord_Aizen (Amount of Burzum killed: 1288625)
Rank 2: Quiver (Amount of Burzum killed: 1193273)
Rank 3: Albedo (Amount of Burzum killed: 1098291)
Rank 4: Shookz (Amount of Burzum killed: 884385)
Rank 5: Nerakso (Amount of Burzum killed: 862736)
Demon Knight
Rank 1: Lord_Aizen (Amount of Demon Knight killed: 585558)
Rank 2: Moofasa (Amount of Demon Knight killed: 530363)
Rank 3: Shadow Pal (Amount of Demon Knight killed: 402343)
Rank 4: Undead Remix (Amount of Demon Knight killed: 369593)
Rank 5: Sinner (Amount of Demon Knight killed: 364366)
Rank 1: Shaman King (Amount of Snowpest killed: 408181)
Rank 2: Lord Knull (Amount of Snowpest killed: 304303)
Rank 3: Yurii alpha (Amount of Snowpest killed: 250094)
Rank 4: Yurick (Amount of Snowpest killed: 239434)
Rank 5: Undead Remix (Amount of Snowpest killed: 204448)
Rank 1: Lord Knull (Amount of Akumakori killed: 674441)
Rank 2: Mokia (Amount of Akumakori killed: 596724)
Rank 3: Shaman King (Amount of Akumakori killed: 463910)
Rank 4: Cibela (Amount of Akumakori killed: 404079)
Rank 5: Albedo (Amount of Akumakori killed: 350024)
Rank 1: Anna Wintour (Amount of Khufu killed: 54738)
Rank 2: Don Podmenik (Amount of Khufu killed: 45344)
Rank 3: Ramsey (Amount of Khufu killed: 37085)
Rank 4: Dont Cry (Amount of Khufu killed: 32311)
Rank 5: Lordverdun (Amount of Khufu killed: 25714)
Rank 1: Kollists (Amount of Slenderman killed: 5025)
Rank 2: Shell (Amount of Slenderman killed: 4377)
Rank 3: Banana Split (Amount of Slenderman killed: 2659)
Rank 4: Nem Chama (Amount of Slenderman killed: 2362)
Rank 5: Enryu (Amount of Slenderman killed: 1985)
God Of Heresy
Rank 1: Zen_valder (Amount of God of Heresy killed: 10034)
Rank 2: Abya Yala (Amount of God of Heresy killed: 6609)
Rank 3: Zitsev (Amount of God of Heresy killed: 5622)
Rank 4: Conde Ashur (Amount of God of Heresy killed: 5167)
Rank 5: White Horse (Amount of God of Heresy killed: 4253)
Rank 1: Hc Bibi (Amount of Carnage killed: 1126)
Rank 2: Dharius (Amount of Carnage killed: 855)
Rank 3: Rapture (Amount of Carnage killed: 640)
Rank 4: Weyl (Amount of Carnage killed: 604)
Rank 5: Iiiiiii (Amount of Carnage killed: 564)
Rank 1: Sir Morfeu (Amount of Nefertum killed: 581)
Rank 2: Indisponible (Amount of Nefertum killed: 521)
Rank 3: Help (Amount of Nefertum killed: 247)
Rank 4: Yurick (Amount of Nefertum killed: 247)
Rank 5: Raquel XD (Amount of Nefertum killed: 221)
Lucky Elf
Rank 1: Maloqueiro (Amount of Lucky Elf killed: 43426)
Rank 2: Acidos (Amount of Lucky Elf killed: 34818)
Rank 3: Tepoztecatl (Amount of Lucky Elf killed: 34799)
Rank 4: Dragonaso (Amount of Lucky Elf killed: 23328)
Rank 5: Help (Amount of Lucky Elf killed: 21075)
Lucky Chakoya
Rank 1: Shaman King (Amount of Lucky Chakoya killed: 19231)
Rank 2: Xeroxii (Amount of Lucky Chakoya killed: 11228)
Rank 3: Maloqueiro (Amount of Lucky Chakoya killed: 11190)
Rank 4: Hampas (Amount of Lucky Chakoya killed: 10309)
Rank 5: Help (Amount of Lucky Chakoya killed: 9507)
Lucky Mummy
Rank 1: Acidos (Amount of Lucky Mummy killed: 24990)
Rank 2: Tepoztecatl (Amount of Lucky Mummy killed: 21301)
Rank 3: Mullek Zika (Amount of Lucky Mummy killed: 19944)
Rank 4: Help (Amount of Lucky Mummy killed: 17873)
Rank 5: Maloqueiro (Amount of Lucky Mummy killed: 17190)
Lucky Goblin
Rank 1: Pala Carrera (Amount of Lucky Goblin killed: 12323)
Rank 2: Shaman King (Amount of Lucky Goblin killed: 11600)
Rank 3: Mullek Zika (Amount of Lucky Goblin killed: 7968)
Rank 4: Tepoztecatl (Amount of Lucky Goblin killed: 6825)
Rank 5: Acidos (Amount of Lucky Goblin killed: 6737)
Lucky Ghoul
Rank 1: Shaman King (Amount of Lucky Ghoul killed: 11491)
Rank 2: Sir Morfeu (Amount of Lucky Ghoul killed: 5765)
Rank 3: Hampas (Amount of Lucky Ghoul killed: 5299)
Rank 4: Katoraqw (Amount of Lucky Ghoul killed: 4932)
Rank 5: Matheusmm (Amount of Lucky Ghoul killed: 4558)
Frost Colossus
Rank 1: Snack Ice (Amount of Frost Colossus killed: 19481)
Rank 2: Matheusmm (Amount of Frost Colossus killed: 15380)
Rank 3: Sir Morfeu (Amount of Frost Colossus killed: 13871)
Rank 4: Acidos (Amount of Frost Colossus killed: 13294)
Rank 5: Severux (Amount of Frost Colossus killed: 12372)
Rank 1: Sir Morfeu (Amount of Bigfoot killed: 344)
Rank 2: Snack Ice (Amount of Bigfoot killed: 344)
Rank 3: Matheusmm (Amount of Bigfoot killed: 154)
Rank 4: Raquel XD (Amount of Bigfoot killed: 147)
Rank 5: Disponible (Amount of Bigfoot killed: 131)
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