Tibia Canob
Downloads Tibia Canob
Option 1 - OTClient

OTClient Canob .ZIP

Client features: Bot included, new interface and all features of classic client

If you have problems with missing dlls you need install visual studio: download visual studio 2019

43 MB
Option 2 - Classic Client

(Updated 05/06/2021)

Canob Client .ZIP

Client features: custom sprites, multi-client and direct access to Canob

23 MB
Canob Android Client .APK

Bot included, new interface and all features of windows otclient

You may have to allow the installation of "unknown sources" to install it

37 MB

The bot program we recommend if you use classic client

1 MB
Lord Aizen Reset 2537
Mazikeen Reset 2365
Sanela Nohti Reset 2353
Holy Weyder Reset 2281
Luszca Reset 2126
Hugottbr Reset 2080
Taren Reset 2059
Nitrotech Reset 2041
Flokey Reset 2024
Shookz Reset 2022