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Dec 01 2022
Enjoy the double loot event! and use the command /mvip1122 to receive free days of master vip!
Dec 01 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it using the command !events and !chest
Nov 15 2022
Now when you do daily tasks you will receive artifacts! Example if you do Akumakori daily task you will receive Akumakori Artifacts
Nov 04 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using the command !events and !chest
Oct 28 2022
Double experience event is on! (2x) All players can receive free days of master vip. In game use the command /mvip1122
Hard battle royale

Hard Royale is a batttle royale-like and last survivor-like PVP event.
It is an event for Hardcore characters only.
A Hardcore experience, specially designed for those who plays hard.

Info about hardcore characters here.

How Hard Royale works:

Players will aleatory spawn in a corner of the map.
The goal is quite simple, but not easy.
Try to reach in the center of the map alive, protect the reward chest and be the last one to survive.
Only in this event, like in arena, when you die with your hardcore you don't lose your stats!
So don't worry about death penalty in this event. (only in this event and arena!)

Requeriment to enter in the event: You need be a hardcore character of course and
if you win the event, you will need +50 resets to enter in the next one.
In game use the command !royaleresets to know the required reset for you to participate the event.

Below the center of the map:

Winner winner chicken dinner!
To the Winner, the achievement icon on his character profile aaand
a Great amount of Hardcore Experience Potion!


When: Twice a week. Check the schedule in your timezone:

Sabados e Domingos às 16:00

Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00

Soboty i Niedziele 21:00

Sábados y Domingos 14:00

How to get there: through a teleport that will open inside teleport events room (2nd floor).

Go Hard or go Home!

Welcome, Mariaana!
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