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Dec 01 2022
Enjoy the double loot event! and use the command /mvip1122 to receive free days of master vip!
Dec 01 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it using the command !events and !chest
Nov 15 2022
Now when you do daily tasks you will receive artifacts! Example if you do Akumakori daily task you will receive Akumakori Artifacts
Nov 04 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using the command !events and !chest
Oct 28 2022
Double experience event is on! (2x) All players can receive free days of master vip. In game use the command /mvip1122
Minas morgul war

Many adventurers will pass by Minas Morgul, once, twice or even more.
But only chaos and blood will be living there, for all the eternity.

Powerful! Own the castle and get:
  • 25% Bonus on Experience Rate to all Guild Members
  • Exclusive Trainers
  • Exclusive Hunt Area

War and Chaos! So your guild wants to conquer the castle?
  • Talk to the NPC Cartulary in Iceland and challenge the current Minas Morgul owner guild to a War
  • The war will happen in the next day of event at 22h30 (GMT-3)
  • This event will happen everyday.
  • If you want to know the countdown the next war and more information about it, use the command !minas

Be the one who knocks! As the attacker, your guild must:
Attack and destroy all the 5 Morgul Towers.

As a defender your guild must:
Hold on and be strong to defend the 5 Morgul Towers until the time event is over.

How to go to Minas Morgul:
Use the command !teleportminas to be teleported immediately. You can only use this command before the event starts.
Or access the Teleport Events room 2nd Floor, as shown in the image below.

I see, you may have some questions, right?

- What happens if I die in the event?
There's no death penalty. You will be teleported to the camping area, outside of the castle right in front of it. Wait until the cool down is over and you'll be able to return to the battle.

- How many wars in a day?
Only one war a day. The first guild to challenge the castle guild owner will be in the war in the next day.

- Is there any requirement to the guilds to participate in the event?
No. Any guild can do the inscription to challenge the other one. Even small guilds.

Be brave and brace yourselves!

Welcome, Dayel!
Newest Player