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Dec 01 2022
Enjoy the double loot event! and use the command /mvip1122 to receive free days of master vip!
Dec 01 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it using the command !events and !chest
Nov 15 2022
Now when you do daily tasks you will receive artifacts! Example if you do Akumakori daily task you will receive Akumakori Artifacts
Nov 04 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using the command !events and !chest
Oct 28 2022
Double experience event is on! (2x) All players can receive free days of master vip. In game use the command /mvip1122
Nightmare hunts

Nightmare are events where you find resources to craft Tier 3 and 4 Equipments.

They are restricted to the 1000 highscore players.
Check your rank position using the command: !rank or visit highscores.

How Nightmare Events works:

3 different Nightmare events per day.
For current Nightmare events schedule, use the command: !ntime
Each one will happen in its corresponding city.
The events are not restricted to a specific class,
That means you can help other players.
There is an order wich Nightmare events will happen, see it below:

Get into a Nightmare:

1. Get a Nightmare Ticket. Check wich monsters drop it on monster loots
2. Activate your Ticket (right click on it).
3. Wait the Teleport corresponding to your ticket to be open.
3. Pass through the teleport and welcome to the Nightmare!

Crafting Tier 3 and 4 Equipments:

Get Nightmare Gems related to a class equipment.
In each nightmare there is only one type of gem.
Equipment crafting is made by NPCs near each teleport event.
Here is a hint about where Nightmare NPCs are located (see the images below).
In this location, you'll be able to craft Tier 3 Equipments.
For Tier 4 Equipments, go to the same location inside the Nightmare Event.
Ask to the NPC for crafting the Equipment, don't forget to bring the gems!

Be prepared, Nightmares are so real! Try not to cry, here's a sneak peak:

Nightmare Thais - Feel the Affliction

Welcome, Ceara!
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