Aug 05 2022
New System Available: Hard Royale. Complete information about it on our Wiki page. Save the date! Launching Saturday 16:00 (GMT-3)!!
Aug 04 2022
Voting for House Decor Contest is open! Who should win the contest? Votes on Polls page. Check the candidates on Forum category 4
Aug 03 2022
Double experience activated! We updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it in-game using the commands !events and !chest
Aug 02 2022
Another big achievement. Canob has reached the number of a total 100.000 characters created!
Jul 30 2022
Participate in our House Decoration Contest! Awards and Info on Forum category 4
Commands and serverInfo
Experience rate
Skills rateMagic rateLoot rate
. World type - PVP (with non-pvp spots)
. Resets required to buy house - 5
. Days without login to lose the house - 7 days
. Level to perform first reset - 350
. Unjustifiable kills to red skull (daily) - 10 kills
. Unjustifiable kills to black skull (daily) - 15 kills
. Unjustifiable kills to red skull (weekly) - 30 kills
. Unjustifiable kills to black skull (weekly) - 35 kills
. Unjustifiable kills to red skull (monthly) - 100 kills
. Unjustifiable kills to black skull (monthly) - 120 kills
. Time to decrease frags - 2 days
. Time afk to get kicked - 10 minutes
. PVP protection - Protected until the fifth (5) reset.
. Death penalty without bless - 0,5 percent of all life and mana after reset 35
. Limit of multi-client per IP - 4 mc
. Server reset? - There will not be any server reset on Canob. (Server started on 04.01.2016)
. Bot is allowed? - Yes

List of main commands:

!life or !hp = Information about the real and total number of your life
!mana = Information about the real and total number of your mana
!autoloot = Access autoloot interface, with this system you can autoloot killed monsters
!shop = Receive items purchased in Shopping
!aol = Buy a aol (amulet of loss) for 500gp
!bless = Buy bless
!blessprice = Shows the price of bless for your reset level
!tp = Teleport to your house or cities
!spells = Shows all spells available to your vocation and promotion
!resetlevel = Shows the level required to perform your next reset
!passive on = Gain passive experience and regen stamina in pz areas (protected zones)
!addon name = Buy a addon if you have a addon doll
!buyhouse = Buy a house if you are in front of the door
aleta sio = List for write name of players that you want to invite to your house
!leavehouse = Sell your house
!resets = Show how many resets you have and teleport to reset room
!dodge = Show the level of your dodge skill
!outfit = Saves an outfit layout
!mstats = Shows your statistics of killed monsters
!q or !money = Show how much money you are carrying in your backpack
!msg = Send a message to a player that is offline /msg player-name, message
!rates = Shows the exp rate of your character
!task = Check your progress of normal task
!task daily = Check your progress of daily task
!frags = Shows all frags of period
!bp or !backpack = Buy a backpack
!online = Shows all online players
!inforeset = Informations about resets
!inforefi = Informations about upgrade system
!rules = Shows all server rules
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